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J. McNew

My only comment is this:

When a repair is made, you do not have to return several times to make adjustments to the same work. It is fixed right the first time by a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Bell House

A Special Thanks! to Auto Tech Service who provided the free car inspection to club members. Many of our cars had low tire pressure. Correcting this simple problem will save on the wear and tear of the tires, help improve gas mileage (under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption by up to 6 percent*), and help save the planet by driving “green.” – (50 – 80 percent of the tires rolling on US roads are under-inflated and we could save up to two billion gallons of gas each year simply by properly inflating our tires.*) * reported in the AAA Journeys Magazine.

Thanks Auto Tech Service!!!!!!

C. Clark

Dear Auto Tech,

In August I brought in my 1994 Oldsmobile Regency business car for service and repairs. After the repairs were made we started on a business trip and realized that there were still problems. We returned it to the shop and Tony (I believe was his name) carefully and thoughtfully went over the car and Scott took it to another shop to have the tires balanced. Whatever you did to the car made a world of difference when we picked it up and drove it to Louisville the next weekend.


To: Robert, Jesse, Becky, and crew,

Thanks so much for the gift certificate to Heavenly Ham. I have decided to provide dinner for a group of friends, one of whom has ALS and is confined to a wheelchair. I appreciate your generosity. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes for a very successful upcoming year.


Thank you for your gift to the United Way of the Bluegrass! You are a true asset to our Board of Directors and to our Marketing Cabinet, and your gift enables us to do even more to advance the common good in education, income and health. And personally, I wanted to say thanks for the work on my car. You guys did a great job!

See ya soon!

Gregory Conn


I just wanted to take the time and thank you for the great experience I had with you and all the Technicians at Auto Tech. Your Techs did an amazing job on my 1989 Ford Van. I know it was not an easy task considering the condition the van was in. The work that the techs performed was high quality and just plan great.

I also wanted to thank you for your excellent communication and customer service skills. Your attention to my needs was very comforting and inspired confidence. After some of my experiences with other repair shops in Lexington, you guys are definitely a cut above.

Dan Williams

Thank you again for your excellent service. Be sure and thank Becky for dropping me off at Urban Active and Robert for bringing me back. Thank Jeff for his service on my prizm and Tony for topping off my oil. Everyone there works together for everyone. Robert said he has completed 6 months of service. I really do appreciate his insight. He is so enjoyable to talk to and his knowledge on the radio sure has helped him in his new career.

Ken Osburn

Auto Tech,

Recently my wife’s Saturn began having problems. We took it to a local dealer for repair. After hooking it up to their computer they found a couple of parts needing to be replaced. This did not solve the problem. They suggested it might be an exhaust issue. So, off to the exhaust shop I go. The Catalytic Converter and Muffler were replaced and this seemed to help, a bit. Next stop was for new plugs and wires. It runs smoother and has more pep. Whenever, I have mechanical problem with either of our vehicles, I’m going to Auto Tech.

Melissa Thomas

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation to Auto tech. I had a pre purchase inspection done on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and very courteous. They found a lot of issues with the vehicle and gave me a rough estimate of the repairs needed. They put themselves in my position and gave me a honest answer about purchasing the vehicle. I will be back for my next vehicle inspection. When buying a used car there are two major steps you need to take, get a car fax and go to Auto tech. Thank you Auto tech for saving me from a complete mess of a car.

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