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Our first bit of advice is to read your owner’s manual. We offer general tips for checking vehicle items but your manual will give proper procedures according to your vehicles needs. Confirm and understand all the safety warning lights and stickers that may be under the hood and abide by those. Secondly, the engine will be hot if it has been running for any length of time. Fluids other than transmission should be checked on a cold engine. For safety, do not put your hands or clothing around any part of an engine that is running. If you are uncomfortable being around a running engine have your vehicle checked by a technician – Safety First.

Tire Care Tips

A few simple checks can keep your tires at top performance.

Proper inflation helps ensure proper handling, will increase the life of your tires, and can improve you fuel efficiency by 3.3 percent.

  • At least once a month check all tire pressures, for best readings check when tires are cold.
  • Set your tire specs to the manufacturers recommendation, usually located in the drivers door jamb.

Thread Depth is crucial when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Fluid and Filter Descriptions

Engine Oil Level

Your main concern with engine oil is to check for proper oil level. Engines can not run without oil, not even for a minute. Oil lubricates, cleans, and cools critical parts of the engine. Engine oil additives helps suspend dirty, where it can be drained at the next oil change. The color of oil can be dark as long as you know you are changing it at the correct mileage / month intervals. It should never be… Continue reading

Dash Warning Lights

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Warning lights will notify you of failures

A light coming on while driving can be disturbing and catch you off guard. We encourage customers to read your owner’s manual and be familiar with what the lights on your dash mean and what to do if a light does come on. If you have any questions, please give us a call, we’ll be happy to help

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This light will turn on when something is wrong with the Anti-Lock Braking system. Once… Continue reading

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