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Our first bit of advice is to read your owner’s manual. We offer general tips for checking vehicle items but your manual will give proper procedures according to your vehicles needs. Confirm and understand all the safety warning lights and stickers that may be under the hood and abide by those. Secondly, the engine will be hot if it has been running for any length of time. Fluids other than transmission should be checked on a cold engine. For safety, do not put your hands or clothing around any part of an engine that is running. If you are uncomfortable being around a running engine have your vehicle checked by a technician – Safety First.

Tune-Up Basics

Why is it that you call a couple shops for a tune up estimate and they all give you different explanations and prices?  You may not even be sure what a tune up is, you’ve just always heard the term.   Here’s how we explain things to customers to get a full grasp of the tune up concept. 

F150 spark plugs in need of replacement

F150 spark plugs in need of replacement

Tune up is a general term for several items that are considered… Continue reading

My Poor Brakes

Lets begin with this scenario. You hear some brake noise when backing out of the garage but don’t hear noise under normal braking. Should this be enough to get it inspected?  This could be signalling a need for adjustment or grease, maybe shims, or it could mean you’re close to needing new brakes.  Either way, if this noise continues or worsens then having a brake inspection is the first step.  For more information on braking issues please… Continue reading

Is a comfortable ride really all that important?

Your car’s suspension system is more than just offering you a comfortable ride over bumps in the road. What if I told you a worn shock absorber could add up to 6 feet when stopping? That may seem a short distance but if you are stopping quickly at a cross walk, it could result in a pedestrian or bicycle accident.


Auto Tech Service Car Repair Lexington KY

Suspension Components

 The suspension system takes a lot of abuse over time from driving, weather, and road conditions.… Continue reading

Belt Maintenance

Your car’s belt(s) are essential to the engine, starting and charging system, AC, and cooling system of the car.  The belt transmits power from the front of the engine to the components that need to be driven.


This is one example of how a serpentine belt may be routed around the components

engine repair lexington ky

                          … Continue reading

What’s that Smell ? ? ?

You spend a lot of time in your car. Identifying the source of smells can be very tricky.  We’ve found everything from old soured baby bottles under the seat to dead mice under the hood.  However, there are a certain list of smells that can come from your car and knowing what areas to look for may save you from a breakdown and costly repair.  Main Thought:  Don’t Ignore Smells!

Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Here’s a… Continue reading

Is your car ready for summer travel?

A pre-trip inspection can make all the difference in a “Great” vacation or  a totally “Forgettable” vacation.  Breaking down is never planned, but breaking down in an unfamiliar town can lead to a stressful situation for you and your family.  Hastily having to find an open repair shop and no time for researching their business practices and repair warranty can leave you feeling unprepared and vulnerable.  It’s always a good idea to do at least a… Continue reading

What can I do about my foggy headlamps?

Having foggy headlamps can create poor visibility for night driving and make your car look years older then it really is.  In our video, we identify some tips that our technicians have found to get the most from OTC products.  Many people may not have time, equipment, or patience to work on  headlamps to achieve the success that the product advertises.  If you have tried these products and unhappy, we urge you to give our service… Continue reading


We offer all of our current customers full access to their vehicle information – FREE of Charge.

Ask us at your next appointment how to sign up.

This includes:

  • View and Print your vehicle’s service and repair history online.
  • Interactive “Next Service Due” identifies exactly what services are recommended at your current mileage.
  • Watch the AutoNetTV Video Blog to learn more about keeping your vehicle maintained.
  • Request Appointments.
  • View and Print Exclusive Online Coupons and Specials.
  • Use our Online Service… Continue reading

Tire Care Tips

A few simple checks can keep your tires at top performance.

Proper inflation helps ensure proper handling, will increase the life of your tires, and can improve you fuel efficiency by 3.3 percent.

  • At least once a month check all tire pressures, for best readings check when tires are cold.
  • Set your tire specs to the manufacturers recommendation, usually located in the drivers door jamb.

Thread Depth is crucial when driving in adverse weather conditions.

Fluid and Filter Descriptions

Engine Oil Level

Your main concern with engine oil is to check for proper oil level. Engines can not run without oil, not even for a minute. Oil lubricates, cleans, and cools critical parts of the engine. Engine oil additives helps suspend dirty, where it can be drained at the next oil change. The color of oil can be dark as long as you know you are changing it at the correct mileage / month intervals. It should never be… Continue reading

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