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Our first bit of advice is to read your owner’s manual. We offer general tips for checking vehicle items but your manual will give proper procedures according to your vehicles needs. Confirm and understand all the safety warning lights and stickers that may be under the hood and abide by those. Secondly, the engine will be hot if it has been running for any length of time. Fluids other than transmission should be checked on a cold engine. For safety, do not put your hands or clothing around any part of an engine that is running. If you are uncomfortable being around a running engine have your vehicle checked by a technician – Safety First.

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AC Repair

Summer months in Kentucky are hot and humid.  Losing your car’s AC is miserable.  In this week’s blog, we are going to attempt to explain the most common steps that our shop does for AC failure diagnosis.  So here’s the scenario:

You notice your car starts blowing warmer air after driving awhile,  maybe not as cool as it used to be, may quit blowing cold all together.    You call and come in to… Continue reading

Tune up basics

On today’s vehicles there’s not a basic list for what a tune up includes.  Different cars require different services so pricing a tune up at one shop may mean something totally different at another shop.  Pricing services according to the manufacturers recommendations is the best approach. If you do not have access to your service guide then you can find yours by visiting the Car Care Service website. 


During a service interval, it is also a good… Continue reading

Be Tire Smart and Play your P.A.R.T.

May 24-30 is national tire safety week! So, here’s a short tire story.

Just yesterday we had a family leaving for a trip to Chicago. Luckily, they took the time to bring their van in for our trip inspection. We found the van in good working condition but found the tire tread coming apart – even the cords were showing  He had no idea the tires were in this bad of shape and very thankful that he put… Continue reading


As your vehicle ages and gains miles small amounts of debris can build up in your fuel system to create performance issues.

Some notable issues can be:

  • Sputtering, sluggish poor engine performance
  • hesitation
  • rough idle
  • stalling
  • pinging
  • poor acceleration
  • poor gas mileage.

 Professionally removing the accumulating varnish from your injectors and fuel system can increase engine performance, lowers air pollution, and increase gas mileage – all money saving items for you. A fuel injection

Not all manufactures will recommend… Continue reading

Spring Specials

Winter is over and everyone is trying to forget the snow storms of 2015 and 2016. What better way to escape this memory than get the family loaded up and head out for a few days. Before we go, though, we need to be sure our vehicles are in top travel-wise condition.

We have often discussed the importance of “rubber and fluids” as the starting point of checking our vehicles before a trip. This still stands since tires, belts and… Continue reading

Engine failure = Big decisions

engine-repairWhen a vehicle engine “dies” an owner is left to face big financial decisions. Replace the engine, repair, or buy another vehicle altogether. There’s no one answer that fits everyone so what was best for one customer may not be best for you. Some questions that we offer to help consumers are:

  1. What is the overall condition of the vehicle? If your vehicle has other needed repairs that may be costly then replacing or repairing the engine may not be… Continue reading

Engine Cooling System

What is the cooling system and what does it do?

The engine cooling system affects your car’s overall dependability and engine longevity by removing heat generated from the combustion of fuel in the engine block. The water pump circulates coolant through the engine. The coolant absorbs heat and returns it to the radiator where heat is dissipated. The thermostat regulates the coolant temperature to keep it consistent for efficient engine operation.

Radiator and Heater Hoses

Radiator and Heater Hoses

Although not as common as… Continue reading

Is your TMPS light on?

Tire Pressure MonitorDoes constantly seeing your TPMS light come on bother you to no ends? Temperature change, of course, mostly creates this ruckus and a tire pressure adjustment usually remedies this. So, what is the point of having these if they are such a nuisance? Statically, 80% of vehicles on the road have at least one under inflated tire. This one tire can lead to safety and handling issues, tire wear and higher fuel usage. In many cases, it is the cause… Continue reading

Cold Weather Basics

Kentucky weather has clearly been uncertain the past couple years.  Cold winds and temperature has caused many drivers to be more aware of keeping their vehicles in optimal operating performance.  Reviewing all our past customer literature, we have listed below what seems to be most important to drivers for our type of weather.  We have created a WINTER CAR CARE package that targets these components for only $89.00, giving you the best for your buck.… Continue reading

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On-Site Financing
 On-Site Financing Now Available! Auto Tech Serviceis now offering on-site financing! 6 to 12 mo...

AC Repair
ac compressorSummer months in Kentucky are hot and humid.  Losing your car's AC is miserable.  In this week's b...

Tune up basics
F1501On today's vehicles there's not a basic list for what a tune up includes.  Different cars require d...