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What's that Smell??? Funky smells your car makes.

What's that Smell??? Funky smells your car makes.

You spend a lot of time in your car. Identifying the source of smells can be very tricky.  We've found everything from old soured baby bottles under the seat to dead mice under the hood.  However, there is a certain list of smells that can come from your car, and knowing what areas to look for may save you from a breakdown and costly repair.  Main Thought:  Don't Ignore Smells!

Dirty Cabin Air Filter
Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Various Cabin Smells

Here's a list of smells that we compiled to help with the identification

Musky Smell out Vents - This can be a dirty Cabin Air Filter, which filters air into your cab.  Also could be mold growing on your AC Evaporator.

Musty Smell in Cab - Very likely water leak around weather seals or AC drain tube is clogged.

Burnt Rubber Smell - This can mean drive belts are slipping or hoses are rubbing against a hot component. 

Burning Carpet Smell - Possible brake issue. Have your brakes been inspected for any uneven wear and leaks?

Gas Smell -  Always Take CAUTION with the gas smell.  If you have a fuel leak it can cause a fire.

Sweet Smell - This can be an antifreeze leak.  Check the temperature gauge to see if your car is running hot.  If you see steam under the hood then be cautious opening your hood - burns could result.

Burnt "toast" smell  - Possible Oil or Transmission Fluid is leaking on hot components.  Check the oil on the dipstick and add if necessary.

Electrical Smell  - May indicated burnt wiring.  Have a tech check all components and focus on areas that quick working recently.

Exhaust Smell - Have undercarriage inspected for any leaks. Exhaust fumes in your cab can be dangerous due to carbon monoxide.

Rotten Egg Smell - This can be from sulfur produced by the gas you are buying.  Also can be a sign the catalytic converter is not operating correctly.

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