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What can I do about my foggy headlamps?

Having foggy headlamps can create poor visibility for night driving and make your car look years older then it really is.  In our video, we identify some tips that our technicians have found to get the most from OTC products.  Many people may not have time, equipment, or patience to work on  headlamps to achieve the success that the product advertises.  If you have tried these products and unhappy, we urge you to give our service a shot.  Our technicians has put in many hours and many different products to figure out which works best.  If you have trouble seeing at night due to oxidation, discolored or scratched headlamps then give us a call 859-252-8785


Before Restoration
Headlight Restortation, Auto Tech Service Lexington KY
After Restoration
Headlight Services, Auto Tech Service, Lexington KY


 Watch our Video for some quick tips on Headlamp Restoration




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Headlamp Restoration Service
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