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Tune-Up Basics

Tune-Up Basics

Why is it that you call a couple of shops for a tune-up estimate and they all give you different explanations and prices?  You may not even be sure what a tune-up is, you've just always heard the term.   Here's how we explain things to customers to get a full grasp of the tune-up concept. 

Tune up is a general term for several items that are considered maintenance services.  These services help your vehicle run at optimal performance.  As components wear and get dirty then engine performance suffers.  As a result, you may see poor gas mileage and poor engine performance. Having these services done as mileage intervals will help save costly repairs and keep you on the road longer.

F150 spark plugs in need of replacement
F150 spark plugs in need of replacement

It is very hard to compare shops when asking for a tune-up.   One shop my price you only plugs while another shop is pricing fuel injection service and fuel filter and air filters.  The basic tune up may include spark plugs, fuel injection service, throttle body cleaning, air filter, fuel filter, and possibly ignition wires and other ignition components and emissions.

Tune-Up Estimate

We advise customers to come in for an estimate.  That way we can price tune up maintenance services after looking over the car, considering age and mileage,  going over the last services performed and manufactures recommendations. This will give us a good idea of what your car needs and what you can budget for a later time.   For example, if you had a fuel filter replaced 10,000 miles ago then you would not want to do it again so soon.  Also, some vehicles may not have ignition wires or accessible fuel filters.  Maybe you need a throttle body service but that shop didn't quote that over the phone as part of their tune up service.  So, calling a shop to get their tune up price may end up not being what your vehicle needs at all. 

We hope this helps explain why you get such a wide array of answers when researching tune up prices.  Finding the right shop that fits your needs is the first step.  Is using quality parts a concern or a nationwide warranty if you travel frequently? Or having the vehicle back in one day?  Or getting a ride to work?  All of these are important for today's vehicle owners.  Auto Tech understands all these factors and tries very hard to accommodate your needs and keep your vehicle running at top performance. We hope to become the repair shop that fits all your needs.  If you would like more information, please give us a call or email.

This is an actual air filter removed from someones vehicle here at this shop.
This is an actual air filter removed from someones vehicle here at this shop.  Hope he noticed better gas mileage!

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