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The Best Auto Repair Services Your Car Needs

The Best Auto Repair Services Your Car Needs

Ever since the invention of cars, humans started to consider the big moving machines as an integral part of their lives. However, the road called life is jam packed with obstacles that your car may not be ready for. That’s when you need to shake hands with Auto Tech Service.

We began in 1962 to serve as a premium, reliable auto repair service provider. In all these 60 years working in Lexington KY, we have gained the trust of thousands of customers who ever got stuck in a car repairing need. That is the charisma of our services! We have managed to maintain the highest standards of service since all these years, and aim to make vehicles that need repairs, run like horses yet again. We value your emotions attached to your vehicle and thus make sure that your car gets back to run like it is new.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to giving your car the maintenance it needs, we stand different from the crowd. We ensure that your car comes back to you not only in an efficiently working condition, but also in a state you will get delighted to see. We know that a car is not just a motor machine but it’s also an embodiment of all your memories. Therefore , when in search of automotive repair services in Lexington KY, call our number, 859-252-8785, or make an appointment online!

  • Easy Approachability

Our team of professionals understand that a vehicle repair can be needed when you least expect it. Our car repair pros are here to help you with an array of repair services. We’re open Monday- Friday and our timings are 7:30 am- 5 pm. Simply call us at  859-252-8785, and we’ll be pleased to help you. However, in a world of temporary assistance, we care for you even when we aren’t online. If you wish to reach us during closed hours, you can leave a voice message for us and our first job in the morning would be to revert back to you. 

  • OEM Factory Parts Warranty

What else can work best for your vehicles other than parts that are manufactured by the vehicle’s manufacturer? Yes, we offer you warranty on authentic OEM factory parts.

  • Transparent Pricing

We believe that the trust of people is our most accomplished achievement. Therefore, we keep our prices reasonable and transparent, so that the next time you require auto engine repair services in Lexington KY, you feel free to call us at 859-252-8785.

  • Our Technicians

The technicians we have at Auto Tech Service are a team of professionals like no other. An ASE certification means your car is in the hands of trained professionals. 

Our Esteemed Services

As an excellent auto repair and maintenance service provider in Lexington KY, Auto Tech Services ensures that all the services are provided to the customers with an added finesse. We consider every car that requires repair as our most determined project. 

  • Auto Engine Repair

Just when you encounter performance problems in your vehicle, you should understand that there is a need to get your auto engine checked and repaired. Well, no worries, as the doctors of your vehicle know how to get the work done quickly. Whether there is a need to check engine light, or the oxygen sensor of your vehicles needs to be replaced, or there is a need for replacing spark plug or plug wires; we are the best service provider for all your auto engine repair needs in Lexington, KY.

  • Brake Repair

If you are looking for reliable auto brake repair services in Lexington, KY, you need to put a brake on your hunt. We stand as a dependable auto brake repair service provider in Lexington KY, as we wholeheartedly value the importance of safety in your vehicles. Therefore, we proffer unmatchable, high end brake repair services.

  • Transmission Services

Transmission services are essential to determine the overall health of your vehicle. Thus, it becomes a mandate to give your vehicle scheduled and regular transmission maintenance. What makes this transmission task even more effective is the spirit of our qualified technicians. Our technicians perform computer diagnostics on your car to get an accurate report.

  • Air Conditioning

Your car should feel like a heaven of comfort. Thus, it is essential that the AC of your car works in an ideal way. And when it doesn’t, you know whom to call!

  • Oil Changes

Oil changes are essential aspects for your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedules. Frequent oil changes help keep your cars working longer,and 

improve the vehicle’s gas mileage. Oil changes also shield the engine and give a boost to its service life.

  •  Auto Inspections

We believe that it’s better safe than sorry. We understand that buying a vehicle is a major life decision and thus, taking the right, informed car buying decision is necessary. That’s when we help you as your dearest well wishers. We help you make the right decisions regarding car buying. We conduct a detailed auto inspection, so that you don’t regret any of your auto related decisions.

We have served the people of Lexington KY with the utmost elation for over 60 years, and we are eager to gain the trust of many more.

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January 28, 2021

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