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Sure Signs Your Auto Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Sure Signs Your Auto Air Conditioner Needs Repair

What makes driving in the scorching sun bearable is the ice cold air relief of your car air conditioner. Imagine a hot summer day, it's quitting time and your on your way home. You open the door to intense heat, then you sit on the hot seat. Then you start your vehicle and hit the A/C button and hope it is full blown cold air coming out of the vents, then you find the A/C has failed. Don’t blame your stars, likely you've  missed the signs when your auto air conditioner was yelling for help. Instead of searching for "auto air conditioning repair near me" on your web browser, immediately call Auto Tech Service, we'll check your air conditioner FREE!  We'll  get your vehicle's  A/C diagnosed and repairs done so it will be ice cold all summer long.

Look at the sure signs that say your auto air conditioner needs Auto Tech Service to help you with our services.

Not So Good Airflow

If a device designed to do something fails to do it efficiently, it's the most apparent sign that it needs repair. This is what holds true in the case of your auto air conditioner too. In case your auto air conditioner offers you nothing more than a weak airflow, then rush to contact Auto Tech Service immediately. This happens in cases when the air is somehow unable to reach the air vents. The underlying possible reasons for this occurrence can be loose blower hose, open core case seals, fried ventilation fan, or others. Whatever the case is, rush to Auto Tech Service immediately. Call us @ 859-252-8785, or make an appointment on-line @

Not So Cool A/C

Well, this point is different from the previous one. Sometimes, a car AC might be providing a good airflow, but the air you feel once you switch on the AC might not be as cold as you expected. Well, no air conditioner gives you ice cold air the moment it is turned on. However, if your auto AC fails to offer a cold air flow after being turned on for a few moments, then you must consider getting it checked free as soon as possible @ Auto Tech Service.

A Weird Noise

Who said machines can’t speak? They have a way of yelling at humans when the latter get irresponsible. Yes, face it, that your car A/C has been producing a weird sound for for some period of time, and you have been ignoring it like you ignore subscription emails. The weird rattling sound that your A/C sometimes produces can be an outcome of clogged debris in the fan. In severe cases, sometimes the breakage of your A/C fan too causes these unusual noises. Thus, show your love to your car A/C by getting it repaired before further delay by Auto Tech Service.

Bad Odor

If your car's air conditioner is producing a bad odor, then trust this sign. This can be a result of unclean cabin air filters. Hesitate no more and contact Auto Tech Service for help.

Leaking Oil

Pay attention to this crucial point. In case your A/C compressor, evaporator, lines, or condenser has issues, this can lead to compressor oil leakage. Whether you are looking for an auto oil change in Lexington, or you want to prevent compressor oil leakage and get your car A/C repaired efficiently, you have Auto Tech Service by your side who believes in nothing less than pure excellence.

A preventive step today can save you from further losses. Get your car A/C repaired now by Auto Tech Service. we're here weekdays, 7:30 am till 5 pm, on-line all the time @

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March 5, 2021

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