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Car Care Blog

Belt Maintenance

Your car’s belt(s) are essential to the engine, starting and charging system, AC, and cooling system of the car.  The belt transmits power from the front of the engine to the components that need to be driven.   [360_youtube_embedder_noauto videoid=”Hmn1pjDTVYE” width=”600″ height=”368″] [/360_youtube_embedder_noauto] This is one example of how a serpentine belt may be routed…

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What’s that Smell ? ? ?

You spend a lot of time in your car. Identifying the source of smells can be very tricky.  We’ve found everything from old soured baby bottles under the seat to dead mice under the hood.  However, there are a certain list of smells that can come from your car and knowing what areas to look…

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