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Is your TPMS light annoying you?

Is your TPMS light annoying you?

Does constantly seeing your TPMS light come on bother you to no end? Temperature change, of course, mostly creates this ruckus and a tire pressure adjustment usually remedies this. So, what is the point of having these if they are such a nuisance? Statically, 80% of vehicles on the road have at least one under-inflated tire. This one tire can lead to safety and handling issues, tire wear, and higher fuel usage. In many cases, it is the cause of an accident. So, in hope of reducing accidents, the TREAD Act became law.

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light

What is the TPMS?

The TREAD Act of 2000, requires all new passenger vehicles to be equipped with TPMS, a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The TPMS monitors tire pressure in all four tires. Spare tires are not required to have TPMS so your spare may or may not have a sensor. The TPMS will alert you with a warning light indicator when tires are underinflated by 25% or more or if there is a system malfunction. The light may also come on if incompatible tires are installed on the vehicle. The light is designed to stay on until the problem is corrected.

So what if I have a problem and my TPMS is on? If your light is on, reading your owner’s manual will give you information on what to do. Generally, if the light stays on then it means one or more tires are underinflated. Inspect all your tires and check air pressures for proper specifications. If the light comes on and flashes and then goes out for 3 seconds, it usually indicates a problem with the TPMS system and will require a diagnosis.

This vehicle was just in our shop this week getting other service work done for a trip to California. Would you want to be driving down the road with this vehicle beside you?
This vehicle was in our shop this week getting other service work done for a trip to California. Would you want to be driving down the road with this vehicle beside you?

A Simple question, that especially new drivers may overlook; how do I know what my tire pressure should be? Check your door frame for a specification chart, similar to the chart below. Do NOT use the specifications listed on the tire. Tire pressures may drop about 1 psi per 10-degree temperature drop and tires can slowly lose air naturally around the rim over course of a couple of months so it’s not uncommon to have to add air several times through out the year.

follow the chart inside the door frame, not the tire.
follow the chart inside the door frame, not the tire.

A tire inspection during your routine oil change can catch many issues before they become an issue. We routinely see uneven wear patterns, feathering, cupping, and screws in tires. These are a concern since no one wants to change a spare tire, especially in cold temperatures. A few tips to help you get ready for cold weather.

  • Check your spare tire psi and make sure all the cables holding the spare are working properly and well lubed.
  • Check tread depth in several areas and make sure outside edges or in side edges are wearing evenly. If not, a poor alignment may be causing your tires to wear prematurely.
  • Check tire pressure. Under inflated tires reduces fuel efficiency, creates poor handling, and safety concerns.

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