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As your vehicle ages and gains miles small amounts of debris can build up in your fuel system to create performance issues.

Some notable issues can be:

  • Sputtering, sluggish poor engine performance
  • hesitation
  • rough idle
  • stalling
  • pinging
  • poor acceleration
  • poor gas mileage.

 Professionally removing the accumulating varnish from your injectors and fuel system can increase engine performance, lowers air pollution, and increase gas mileage – all money saving items for you. A fuel injection

Not all manufactures will recommend fuel injection services, but generally, a fuel injection service is performed at 60,000 miles. Then, depending on your driving habits  every 30,000 miles afterwards to keep your fuel system clean of debris.  Our professional fuel injection service costs $99.00 and includes cleaning fuel injectors, ISA/ASC motor as required. And visual inspection of fuel lines and fuel rail.

 Another good service that is not always recommended in your service manual is Throttle Body Cleaning. A dirty throttle body may create idling issues and possible stalling.  You may have a check engine light come on.  As the carbon build up you may experience a rough start from acceleration and your gas pedal may be hard to push. For only $50.00 our service technician will remove the throttle body  housing for access and using a chemical solution will clean the bore of the throttle body and components.  A computer controlled idle relearn procedure will be performed and will confirm proper idle and performance.  


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