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Be Tire Smart and Play your P.A.R.T.

Be Tire Smart and Play your P.A.R.T.

May 24-30 is national tire safety week! So, here's a short tire story.

Just yesterday we had a family leaving for a trip to Chicago. Luckily, they took the time to bring their van in for our trip inspection. We found the van in good working condition but found the tire tread coming apart – even the cords were showing  He had no idea the tires were in this bad of shape and very thankful that he put his family’s safety first and brought the car in for a checkup instead of chancing a long distance drive.  Here's a few pictures of his tires.  Boy, was he happy to have his van back with the assurance of a safe trip....

Bottom Line ----- Be Tire Smart and Play your   P.A.R.T.

P = Pressure.  Under inflation or overloading creates excessive stress and heat. It can lead to tire failure.  Over inflation can make the tire more susceptible to road hazard damage and handling issues. Check your pressures monthly.  Tire pressure should always be measured when tires are cold.  This means your vehicle should be stationary for at least three hours or has not been driven more than one mile.

A = Alignment.  Misalignment of wheels can cause uneven and rapid tread wear. Have your wheel aligned and tires balanced periodically.

R = Rotation.  Rotating tires every 5000-8000 or as recommended by the tire manufacturer will prevent irregular tire wear and that means keeping your tires longer.

T = TREAD.  Check your tires for signs of tread wear. Look for the "wear bars", high and low areas or unusually smooth areas.  Tires must be replaced when the tread is 2/23 of an inch.  An easy check is placing a penny upside down in the tread groove.  If part of Lincoln's head is covered by the tread then you are driving with the proper amount of tread.

Please call us and schedule your appointment for a tire rotation and balance.  It's a great time to check all your tires, brakes, and undercarriage for any other issues.

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May 22, 2015
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