A car’s transmission is essential to overall performance. However, transmissions are often neglected. There may be a need for transmission repair if your vehicle experiences any of the following issues :

  • burning smell
  • loss of power on acceleration
  • late shifting gears
  • transmission slipping
  • transmission leaking
  • low gas mileage
  • clunking or humming sounds
  • check engine light

If your vehicle has any of these symptoms, then schedule an appointment today.

Transmission Services

It is important to keep a regular and scheduled transmission maintenance for your car or truck. Our qualified technicians can perform computer diagnostics on your car or truck to discover possible issues in the control system or electrical components. The malfunction may also be related to a sensor, instead of a mechanical problem.

Transmission Flush

There are many benefits to flushing your automatic transmission. Transmission fluid is sometimes overlooked because you do not have to frequently change it as much as engine oil.

It’s important that your vehicle always has enough fluid. The transmission fluid cools, lubricates the transmission, and also provides pressure needed to transfer power from the engine to the transmission.


Preventing Lockup

Lock up happens when your vehicle’s transmission gets so hot that your vehicle simply shuts down. It no longer runs. Changing your automatic transmission fluid when it turns black can prevent this happening to your car.

Runs Cleaner

Changing your automatic transmission fluid, and using the right fluid, can make your engine run cleaner and more efficiently than it has since it was brand new.

Cost Effective

What do you think costs less: a new transmission, or automatic transmission fluid? Hopefully, you went with the latter choice. A new transmission is expensive, while automatic transmission fluid is relatively cheap in comparison, making taking care of your transmission a no brainer.