Oil changes are an integral part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule. Regular oil changes help keep your vehicle on the road longer in every sense of the word – by improving gas mileage, protecting your engine and its service life, and maintaining your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. If your car needs an oil change in Lexington KY, then schedule an appointment today.

Oil Change Services

Oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to maintain your vehicle.

Which motor oil is right for your vehicle?

Motor oil can be grouped into four basic types: synthetic oil, synthetic blends, high mileage oil, and conventional oil.


Watch our video to learn more about the different types of motor oils.

Conventional Motor Oil Change

For most makes and models, an oil change is something you must do every 3 months or 3,000 miles. If you have an older car with high mileage, synthetic oil is at a disadvantage to conventional motor oil. The engine is old enough for the synthetic oil to do no good and it is so accustomed to running on conventional motor oil. Save your money and go with what works best for your car.

Oil Change

Conventional Motor Oil Change

High Mileage Motor Oil Change

High mileage motor oil contains specially formulated agents and additives to help protect older high mileage engines.

Should you use high mileage motor oil?

Recommended for cars with over 75,000 miles. If you have ever noticed motor oil leaks beneath your car, this is the right choice for your vehicle.


Odometer with high mileage

High Mileage Odometer

Full Synthetic Motor Oil Change

The cost is more expensive than conventional oil, but you can wait 5000 – 7500 miles before getting a new oil change. This is compared to the usual 3000 with conventional oil changes.

Does your vehicle require full synthetic oil?

New and late model vehicles from European makes such as Mercedes-Benz and Audi usually require the use of full synthetic oil. Certain new vehicles from Subaru, Honda, and Toyota also require synthetic oil. The best best is to check your owner’s manual or come in to talk to our mechanics.

A man's hand holding a jug of synthetic motor oil and pouring into reservoir

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Change

Synthetic blends offer many of the same benefits of full synthetics, but at a fraction of the cost.

Should you use synthetic blend oil?

Synthetic blends offer protection for somewhat heavier loads and higher temperatures. They don’t evaporate as readily as conventional oils. They are a good choice for drivers who put heavy loads on the engine such as towing or off-roading.

Jug of synthetic blend oil pouring into reservoir

Synthetic Blend Oil