Auto Tech Service provides complete engine repair and diagnosis. If you exhibit performance problems, check engine light, or other indicator lights, we can diagnose issues and offer you an honest assessment and recommend your best replacement or repair options.

  • Poor Engine Performance
  • No Crank, No Start
  • Long Crank
  • Oil Leak Detection
  • Car Stalling
  • Poor Idling
  • Poor Gas Mileage
  • Ping or Knock on Acceleration
  • Hesitation
  • Crank, No Start
  • Rough Idle

If your vehicle exhibits any of these issues, then schedule an appointment today.

Engine Repair Services

Our service technicians are trained for any repair needs with the most modern diagnostic equipment to get you back on the road quickly.

Diagnosing Check Engine Light

You may be wondering, why did your check engine light come on?

Oxygen Sensor needs to be replaced

Faulty sensors can cause damage to your spark plug and catalytic converter. If you do not replace it, you will experience a loss of fuel economy up to 40%.

Spark Plug or Plug Wires need replacing

You engine will have poor performance and reduced fuel economy. Worn plugs and plug wires can cause clogged catalytic converters and damage to ignition coils.


Engine Rebuild and Replacement

There are two main reasons for rebuilding engines:

Wear to Engine Bearings

Worn bearings produce loud knocking and eventually can cause engine failure.

Worn Piston Rings

As piston rings wear, they no longer seal the cylinders properly. This lets oil escape past the worn rings and burn with the fuel mixture. This is often the reason for lots of smoke in the exhaust.

Land Rover Engine Rebuild

Land Rover Engine Rebuild

Preventative Maintenance

As always, our Preventive Maintenance services are affordable and will extend the life and performance of your vehicle. Vehicle maintenance is routine services and/or inspections that the manufacturer recommends based on your vehicle’s age and mileage.  Auto Tech Service recommends following the manufacturer’s service schedules to properly maintain your vehicle performance.

Many of our maintenance services are listed but please call for additional questions or  schedule your appointment 

Learn More About Engines

check engine light on

Check Engine Light

A check engine light alerts the driver to a number of engine issues. It could be a bad catalytic converter, or something minior such as a loose gas cap.

Dash Lights

Engine Failure

A neglected engine will likely lead to costly repairs. Make sure your car’s engine is getting what it needs to run smoothly. Visit us or read more below to learn more.

Engine Failure